September 21, 2015

Flower box

I have an old flower box by the corner of the house.
My hubby has made it decades ago.
And it sure looks like it.
I mean old. And suffered.
It has been painted last about 15 years ago,
when I found the same pink paint,
that previous owners has used to paint the house.
It really isn't any pleasure to the eye.

For some reason the box collects weird things around it.

Like bicycle transporting track.
Or empty tins.
Sometimes I am wondering,
why I don't get rid of it.
But because I don't,
I at least try to get it look nice.
At least for awhile.
This time I got help from Little Princess.

Both had to go:
summer flowers and the weird weed,
that has grown on the left side of the box.
Clearly one Erica wasn't enough.
We rounded Erica with stones.
We cut some branch from thujas.
And took old glass lampshades to a new place.

It turned out quite nice.
Little thuja cones gives a bit of brightness.

Cannot wait that rain stops,
and I can see how it turns with candles.

Maybe owl won't be so ashamed.

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