March 7, 2014

Overhaul rack for cycles

Spring is soon in here and so it is time to overhaul cycles.
I don't do it - my Hubby is.

As he takes care more than one bike, 
he decided to make a rack to make work easier.

These were supplies, he started with:

Old exhaust pipe parts,
old parasol foot.
He bought a part used in trailer:

peräkärryn vetoaisan apupyörän lukko
(clasp of stabilizer of trailer's drawbar)

He weld and rack started to get shape:

More welding:


He put some pieces of rubber (taken off broken tire, of course) 
to avoid scratches,
when cycle is attached to rack.

For f.e. adjustment of gears...

or change tires...

Anyone needs a cycle?


  1. Wow! that is super incredible craftsmanship Eeva! Good on your hubs for building this :-)

    1. Thanks, Kathe! I am very proud of my own Handyman ;-). I am not so crafty by my self but he loves to build things - and reuse stuff.