March 22, 2014

Cleaning terrace- step 3

After snowstorm and rain it was wonderful weather today.
I finished cleaning terrace.

On the right side this corner was waiting for it's turn:

Wind had blown some things down.

As anyone can see, the drawer isn't in very good shape.
It was bought, when I was 15 and is in kind of terminal care:
it has gone through all our children and is still standing -
even though no-one would use it inside anymore.

But all those memories...
So it will stay until it will totally decompose...

If it isn't in shape outside, 
the inside isn't much better:

How much you can be put in to one drawer?

Fe. broken christmas lights, old ampels, paperbags, knife sharpener...
Oh, dear!
Half of it was just garbage...

Even though the next was was a bit better shape,
it took over an hour to get all three in order.

And it looks whole lot better, when it is washed:

Other side of terrace was much easier 
- it just needed to "spread out" and wash:

Afterwards I was sitting in chair, 
having Moccachino 
and staring the blue sky:

- and wondering if Hubby would be keen on some painting...

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