January 2, 2017

Financial statements, closing the year

Last three months went like the others:
we bought food, clothes, paid bills...
But now I have the whole year information of where all our money have gone.

On October we bought 34 l of milk and 1,3 kg cheese,
November 27 liters milk and 5,25 kg cheese,
and December 38 liters milk and 1,150 kg cheese.
During the year we have spent on dairy 794,84 Euros.
Almost twice as much as in fruit and vegetables.
It seems we eat way too little vegetables
- they cannot be cheaper than milk, can they?
Of course, we have berries from woods and our garden,
but not so much, I think.

If I would bake all the bread we eat,
we might save 300 euros.
But I don't and I guess I won't for years.
And lately everything I have baked has failed.

We don't spend much on ready meals.
On November there was bought more,
because I was away.
And yes, it is me, who cooks.

Animals eats, of course, too.
And we have bought some clothes.
The prices of prescription drugs annoys me:
there is no way to control them.

Sundries includes in December my laptop.
During the year we have got several big purchases,
like freezer, laundry machine, my laptop
- and of course kitchenette in sauna.
I believe we need to buy new fridge, dishing machine and stove soon.
So there is already known for spending.

This have been interesting to find out,
what we really do with our money.
I am not sure,
if I am pleased or not fe about information,
that we have bought 46 kilos of coffee...

Well, you information is useless,
if it is not used.
So, now I should get an idea to our budget.


  1. It seems funny to me that you are sharing your budge details even with the nitpicks. what the world has to do with it man every person has an individual preference..

    1. Well, you were curious enough to read it, weren't you? ;)