January 31, 2016

What was for dinner?

In December I started to write down, 

what we had for dinner each day. 
I went on with that on January. 

I am hoping that I would be able to use  these lists, 
when I will make a meal plan in future.

One month clearly won't be enough, 

because there is plenty of days with leftovers.
As we all here are adults, I do not worry (much)  about breakfast or snacks -or even lunch. 
I take lunch with me -usually some left overs, 
or if everything is eaten, make sandwiches with me. 
Hubby is a problem: when he works, he uses to buy some snacks, 
or sometimes he goes to McDonald's.

During the winters, 

when he is at home alone, he hardly eats lunch, 
no matter how much there are choices just to warm up in microwave. 
He should gain weight, but he is not motivated for it. 
Well, bright side is, 
that he really waits for me to come home to make dinner.

So, here are ou dinners of last 31 days:

1. Oven roast with boiled potatoes. 

Roast was made leftover Christmas ham in slow cooker:

I just put meat, onion, some dehydrated carrot slides, few allspice in the pot and let it brew 4 hours in high. Oven would take about 45 mins in 200C. Salt is not needed because ham was salted.

2. Oven roast again, now with mashed potatoes.
3. And Oven roast with noodles.
4. Potato soup. 
Potato soup is at our house a meal, which is made leftover oven roast or karelian hot pot - or any other dish, that has had whole meat in and is possible to use as base. 
So there was oven roast, potatoes and soup vegetables. 
5. Cabbage casserole (from freezer, done several weeks ago)
6. Chicken with white sauce and rice.

This was called fricassee at school, when I was a kid - but it hasn't even seen egg sauce.

7. Ground beef and macaroni with cheese
8. Roasted chicken culotte and rice
9. Frankfurter in brown sauce and potatoes (for me noodles)
10. Pork "Vatkuli". and fried potatoes
Just couldn't find any name for this. It is sliced pork, which is stewed in brown sauce with bay leaves and allspice. 
11. Leftovers
12. Two salmon soup:
Smoked and fried salmon (both left overs from freezer) and some potatoes and soup vegetables. Lots of dill.
13. Leftovers
14. Chicken-vegetable-spaghetti pot
15. Fry-up (potatoes, onion, frankfurters, eggs)
16. Chopped pork in white dill sauce and potatoes
17. Sailor steak
18. Leftovers
19. Ground beef soup
20. Leftovers
21. Ground beef in brown sauce with potatoes
22.Chicken risotto
23. Chicken risotto
24. Oven roast from pork with mashed potatoes
25. Chicken in cheese macaroni
26. Leftovers
27. Pork and potato soup
28. Ready meals
29. Ground beef- vegetable- potato pot
30. Kassler beef and potatoes, vegetable gratin
31. Lasagne

No meatless dishes.
Practically no fish (only once).
Fish is rare because of my allergy.
Lot of pork,
because it is inexpensive during this time of the year.
Lot of leftovers.
Simple food just to fill up stomach.
And berries in porridge, soups and pies.

In February I need to use more things from freezer.

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