February 9, 2014

Recipes into order

On Saturday I though it would be nice to do something different for dinner.
So I took my recipes out.

What a mess:

Books, binders and shredded pieces of paper from magazines and newspapers.
Into order you go!

I took some plastic pockets and scissors and start:

I eyed through every recipe and if it sounded like I won't use it, I throw it out.

Really, there was a lot of recipes from late 70's when I was still at school!

Not to mention my notes:

No headers, just guess, what there will be in the end...

I clipped others on the better shape and put them into pockets.
After that it was time to put them between the cover.
I got lot of help from Roudari at the time:

I used first narrow gift string, 
as I couldn't remember where I had put snipped of ribbon I knew I had...

I guess that tells there is a lot to do with organization in this house.

When I finally found a ribbon, I used it -
with help of needle made it easier to thread:

There it is:

Looks neat:

And the dinner?

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