February 7, 2014

Here I am - in Halkis

During writing my diary as a mother of the Motorist in Motoristin Mutsi 
I found blogging so fun!

When Supermoto season was closed, 
I just continued making my slight notes.

In the end of the season I looked back,
and I found out, 
that I had wrote quite a many post which were not related with Supermoto at all.

As well as I found out, as mother of the Motorist I used to look things far away.

I decided to separate these things. 

In here you'll won't find fancy garden or clean, perfect house.
Instead here is yard of clay, 
which is taken care by arbustorums, voles and brown hares. 

Even though, 
gardener is admiring fe. dandelions, horsetails and what ever grows or blooms...

Quite normal daily life - with ups and downs.

Supermoto related posts will still go on in Motoristin Mutsi

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