February 17, 2014

Decoration things...

I am tired to winter.
Actually I am sick of it.

Even though it has't been very cold or snowy this year.
But it has been dark for so long.

Yesterday morning I heard a woodpecker knocking.
Could it be spring?

I am also tired to the look we are having over here.
Need some change. 

So I went over cupboards, where I keep my decoration things.
Or should I say tats?

It really looked alike tats, when I opened the doors:

And the other one didn't look much better:

To find something I have had to get almost everything out.
It wasn't working.
At all.
So once again I pulled it all out from the smaller one:

And most of the bigger one:

How in earth all those would get organized?
I decided to try colors.
Blue and red:

Green, gold, yellow etc:

With vases I needed to do some exceptions:

I sure hope I don't need to turn all over, 
when I'll start to bring some spring green in!
Hopefully already during next week.

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