October 4, 2015

First week with kittens

First week with kittens is over.
I feel like newborn's mother:
These two babies runs the house now.

Often kittens are shy and chary.
Not these two.
They love running and climbing.

I guess, that there won't be much left from this paper lamp after few months...

The other one runs better,
but she is not so good at climbing
They have researched all house.
From paper recycle bag...

to every shoe in the hall

When we introduced these two to Rokkari,
he wasn't very pleased to meet them,
He fizzed and gnarled.
But he also surprised us.
Kittens were sleeping in living room,
when he came in.
After cleaning his face he just jumped on the footstool
- and started to sleep.
Ignoring kitten completely.
Kitten didn't look so excited.
She stared Rokkari for ages.
Actually as long as we could stand it.
We lost our nerves and carried little ones back to guest room.
I am wondering was the act of Rokkari telling
"if I don't look at you, you do not exist" ?
They have names now.
She is Minni.
And she is Miina.

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