September 3, 2016

Summer holiday- started and ended with motorsport

I had two weeks summer holiday in August.
It started with travelling to Iisalmi for Supermoto race.
We didn't got our own car with us,
so I was stuck around to race track.
But. When we arrived and my son were in training,
I put my rubber boots on and left to woods for berry picking.
I had to walk a while to get far enough,
and I enjoyed the silence and surroundings
- even though I didn't get much berries.
But enough for the breakfast next morning.
As normal - I was the one, who cooked the meals...
But I am glad, that I do,
because it keeps me busy and I have less time to worry.
We spent night in Motobiili,
our son's camper,
and because it is moderated to carry motorbikes, too,
there isn't much extra room.
Travelling to race track and back is also a little boring.
I am able to see view through car window,
but there is no sightseeing rounds...
But when coming back,
it is usually late in the evening,
so there is sunsets to admire.
Last weekend of my holiday
(wow, that sound like there would have been numerous of them!)
Hubby and I traveled to Imatra.
We have been there several times in Supermoto races
-and seen mostly race track.

This was a little different.
There was Imatranajo,
International Road Racing Championship.
Imatranajo is a legend,
and it has been "on hold" for 30 years until now.
Hubyb was thrilled to see it.
We left on Friday morning,
didn't keep any hurry on the way to Imatra. 
After we came to our hotel,
we got a pleasant surprise:
as our hotel was quite far away from center of the city,
where the race track was located,
we had wondered, 
should we take a taxi
- or even walk.
There were practical nonstop busses between our hotel and the center!
As the race was in the middle of the city
- street were closed from normal traffic,
and quite many of the sightseeing is in the middle of the city, too,
So, I had a chance to see those!
The most impressive one is, of course, Imatrankoski rapids.
It has been dammed up ages ago,
but time to time dam gates are opened,
They did it during the weekend.
The power of rapids is something that I don't know,
how to describe.
When water was breaking down with all it's force,
it was hypnotic.
I could feel the humidity on my face,
even though I wasn't very near.
Even when rapids is dry,
it's notch is striking
Around the rapids there is park.
Unfortunately I saw only small part of it,
but it was beautiful.

Maid of Imatra

 A lot of monuments and statues.
Like this one
- monument for those who were fallen in Revolutionary War
Local hero cemetery lies also by the rapids.
Graves are under the trees,
very peaceful and sheltered.
Kalervo Kallio's Karjalan itkuvirsi delitineates well pain of mothers, wives  and brides
just next to all those lost young boys.
I could spend more time around the center,
we made a very quick visit in local market,
and I believe I could sit there a while
- and just admire surrounding.
Fountain next to Imatra Market
No shopping, not even souvenier.
I could buy one of these Karelian Pie shaped purses
- if only shop had been open the time we were behind it's windows.
Two things I brought with me back home:
Knowledge that I want to visit Imatra again
and gratitude,
that my son doesn't drive Road Racing.
Supermoto is enough. 


  1. very interesting story with some great imagery. This is life is all about. Summer comes and goes. Winter comes and goes, and so on and so forth. The nature scenes in the post are absolutely stunning

    1. Thanks. I have fell in love with Imatra and am hoping, that I am able to travel there during becoming summer, too.