April 15, 2017

Something for Easter

Even though Easter isn't a greatest feast at our house,
I use to put up some decor for it.
Sometimes more, sometime less.
I guess this year is less.
It is always a little embarassing,
when Christmas wreath is hanging on the door in April,
so I started with it.
I used - of course- the same base I have had for years.
Just add some willow branches and fake flowers in it.
If I am able to stay up late enough,
I will try, how it looks,
when lights are on.

Now, when kids are all grown,
there are no crafts,
which used to fill the house.
And I found out,
that I don't have much any other decor left, either.
Some bright yellow candles...
...chichen and duck I have bought from thrift store
- and glass eggs.
One of them slipped from my hand,
so it is only a bowl now.
I filled a lantern, which I got last Christmas,
with a few small fake flowers
and a yellow candle.
Not for burning, though,
The upper hinge isn't red, btw,
I just had red blouse on,
when I took the photo :-D
On the dinner table candelabra there is just one yellow candle
-reason is so simple:
I only had four of them.
On the bowl there are grass
and some old plastic eggs.
I might hide there few Easter eggs tomorrow.
My youngest loves to search Easter eggs from the house
- even now, when he is all grown up.
Little chicks were on sale,
and when I asked our grandson find a place for them,
they seemed all climb to candelabra.
I am a bit surprised,
that hubby haven't eaten choclade bunnies behind them...
Kitchen has it's decor, too:
Easter grass in kitchen scale.
I didn't forgot the cottage,
the wreath on the door got few chicks.
Poor little ones might freeze out there.


  1. You are all set for the Easter. Your decor is simple yet cute and has enhanced the places in your house. Good ideas to put to work this easter.

  2. Good post, loved everything about it. specially the way you decorated it with chicks. Thank you for sharing it with us