February 27, 2016

Fire wood shelter

We have used wood for heating during winters all the years here in Halkis.
But how much has always depended on free fire wood.
Hubby have sawn it and cut it next to garage.

When we decided to use even more wood for heating,
we knew, that we need to start buying it.
And when you are buying ready made wood,
there is no point to storage it under open sky.
So we needed shelter for fire wood
- and I wanted it closer the house than garage is.
After comparing different choices,
we  decided,
that open porch front of cottage would be the best.
There was already wooden floor,
so fire woods wouldn't touch the ground and get moisture from there
- and when it would be coted,
it would be nice to sit in there even if it would rain.

So, that was a project for hubby.
Fire wood came before shelter was done,
so they were covered with plastic bags.
And hubby started working.
It took a while because of continuous rain
and hard frost after that.
But it got a cote.

And lights
And grates, so there is possibility to grow creepers.

He fixed old lights and hang them 
And build more grates around the corner
By the door he made a grate, too,
Behind white "fence" there is a place for flower boxes.
Finally he carried in there table and chair
- after he had painted them.
 And when he got started,
he also build a cote for garbage container, too.
Maybe I should find new projects for him...

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