December 13, 2015

Christmas Market and light in the night

Yesterday we visited on Christmas Market in Kerava.
Usually there are several around, 
but maybe the most has been earlier this year and I haven't noticed them.
This market was part of Magical Winterland,
that included a lot of different shows, specially for children.

We chose Market and in the evening the fire show.

Once again I admired handmade products
- as well other products made by small producter.
Like blankets made by lamb wool

and candles. These ones are from Lithuania
Not to mention V-P Sahlgren's canned foods:

Even the jars were so beautiful,
that it made a feeling you want to buy just to admire them.
Garlic in different
There were also "homeless hedgehogs"...
not to mention different kind of wreaths,
if you don't have any yet...
I managed to pass all of these,
but brought home several spices from Ruoveden herkku
not all of these, just 7 bags...
In the evening we drove back to see the fire show.
On the Auronkomäki in the middle of the city there is also light work of art,
Flowers of life.
The hill was filled with people,
and we had to climb up to find the room.
So the view down to the stage wasn't the best.
These are the moment,
when I hope I had got more length...
There isn't so much time until Christmas.
I have made few gifts,
and also bought something,
(no, not going to tell, what, 
because there is a slight chances that children are reading this),
but most of my Christmas preparation is not even started yet.
I might get busy times ahead...


  1. Hyvää sunnuntaita Mutsi!
    Hemmetin hienoja kynttilöitä vaan miten oli hintojen kanssa? Tyyriitä vai pääsikö kohtuurahalla omistajaksi?

    1. Kiitos, kiitos, samoin sinulle! Ei pienintäkään aavistusta hinnasta, en tullut kysyneeksikään - meillä kun on vapaana liehuva elävä tuli tällä hetkellä täysin pannassa: ei uskalla noiden pentujen (kissan-) kanssa ottaa riskiä. Ainoa hinta, minkä osaan sanoa, oli nuo ostetut mausteet: 2,00 €/pss, kun osti 5 pussia tai enemmän :-)