November 7, 2015

Almost ordinary week

During the week we have had beautiful flaming sunsets,
pink mornings,
shining stars.
And I have stared them all.

Of course I have kind of known,

that Mars is a "red planet",
but I think I had really thought it through,
before I saw it with my own eyes.
Hah, typical Finnish, you don't believe it, before you see it.

All the week there has been little moments,
that have given joy.
Like little Miina sleeping,
I finally get rid of the plant,
that kitten used for climbing.
Well, not far away it went,..
Now it shines in front yard.
After cutting dead branches from trees,
it got more beauty.
Maybe I could hang snowballs or something on it later...
The ugly truth is,
that where ever there is empty space and table top,
it collects on it junk.
I got rid of few with hanging a kind of wired shelf by the door.
Have no idea,
for what it has used
- I found it from garage.
I have eaten a lot of treats during this week,
Cake at my grandson's birthday party.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still popular...
And on Friday night I surprised even myself:
I made buns.
I guess it was because I have lately seen in Pinterest amazingly beautiful pastries
- and I thought I could do something alike by myself, too.
Well, imagination was bigger than craftsmanship.
After twisting dough several moments,
I decided to do,
what I am able to do.
Cinnamon flowers.
And almost apple roses:

Good, ordinary week without any catastrophes.
Can I order more pink mornings, please?

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