July 9, 2015

July is running fast

July has brought roses.
Between rains there has been short moments of sunshine.
Just enough to know that sun is somewhere.
Peonies are slowly bursting in bloom..

The white one,
which I have carried home from Rapla
(and which male customs officer believed to be cannabis
and his female officer corrected fast)
It has dark red center.
It was a piece of old lady's peony,
and I am so happy,
that it has survived.
Martagon lilies are in boom, too.
But because there hasn't been warm days,
- not to mention evenings -
the smell hasn't spread all over.
Blue giant bellflowers are reaching high.
Unlike other bell flowers,
they use to stay where they are sown.

Pure red is not common in my garden.
But I do have few of burning love.
They are old fashioned flowers,
so how could I not?

Yellow loosestrife is blooming by the bath to garden plot.
It has spread and turned into bushes.
What else?
Few purple foxgloves.
Simple peony.
Aconogonon x fennicum
Thyme on the lawn.
I'll dry them. Maybe.
I will keep on smelling the roses.
And collect wild flowers into  vase.
There is also few parsnips.
Picked by the road when on the walk with The Dog.

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