July 21, 2015

American Beauty Car Show - Sunday sundries

 American Beauty Car Show went on late.
Last band started at 22:00
We left before that
- we had 3,5 km walk to hostel.
The only place, that wasn't full booked.
Walking to hostel gave me a chance to look around.
and down
 I peeked to gardens behind fences,
admired their beauty.
I saw different kind of window bars
Huge snails
 and interesting wall texture:
made from clay and sreaw
 In the morning we walked back to center of Haapsalu.
At 11 was starting procession of cars through the city.
During the walk my hubby got a new friend,
who would loved to get some scratching.
 Procession was lead by police.
 We weren't the onlyones that has came to center...
There were hundreds of locals  gathered both sides of the way.
Unfortunately we weren't able to stay for drag race
-we had to leave at noon.
But we could see cars passing by from station, too.
And hear the horn of the truck,
when it was coming.
 Actually we didn't realize,
what was the sound before we saw it passing by.
 When we step into bus,
the Show was still going on 
and we could hear and smell the burning wheels.

Weather cast didn't got it right,
we saw first dark clouds,
when we came to Tallinn.
 The city that uses to surprise me every time.
 We travelled back in "comfort class"
- in a lounge separated to own section.
No wonder that tickets cost so much!
Even though I was exhausted,
and my feet were screeming,
I was just a little bit sad,
when the coast of Helsinki was in sight.
But it was a great start to my two weeks holiday.
Which I'll be spending mostly at home,
because the main reason of it - race in Oulu - was cancelled.

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