June 5, 2015

Cottage porch

I finally got cottage porch cleaned up.
During the winter months it uses to be a place,
where we just walk through with wet, snowy and muddy shoes.
It is cold,  but dry,
and unfortunately we are lazy enough to throw in there things,
that are waiting for decent place - like landfill.

I dusted it,

washed floor and carried chairs back.
There still lies an old hallway dresser,
that I have planned to paint several years
( over ten actually).

I collected lanterns on it.
If I ever remember to put new batteries in them,
there will be a lot of light reflecting from the mirror.

With lanterns there is also a small, shy cat I have got from my mother,
when I was a teenager.

And a small vase filled with dried peppermint flowers.

I set up also a small side table between chairs,
to lure sit down and take a glass of juice.

On the windowsill I put some flowers in a vase and few tea light cups.
Windowsills practically screams for painting.
We will see, if that ever happens...

All the flowers are fake,
because I never would remember to water real ones.
I always forget the ones in the house,
so there won't be any chances to take care of some,
which are not in sight all the time...

This is the view I am able to see now,
when I step into cottage:

I can imagine,
that I could sit in here reading in rainy summer day.

If I would be a real decor blogger,
I would have filled glassed at least with colored water.

But I am not.
I have enough dishes to do without making them just for fun, thank you.

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