May 6, 2015

Memories from Madona, Latvia, on the road

On the Friday, 1st of May, we step on board and started our journey to Madona, Latvia.

Weather wasn't nicest one: 
it was windy, cloudy and cold. 
So there wasn't much hanging on the deck this time.

Instead of it hubby was wondering and proposing to our younger daughter,
what could be done with empty yoghurt bottles.

Like binoculars and flowers...
I might try some,
when we have next time yoghurt bottles at home.
And yes, we had special company:
our younger daughter was her very first time along.
She hasn't even been at the race tracks before.

In Tallinn the first thing was shopping:
I needed supplies for pit kitchen.
I thought it would be just few things,
but turned out shopping cart full...

We drove by Via Baltica.
Through several street maintenance...

And made some stops.
For ice cream...

For a coffee...
and for checking the way...

We might get lost few times,
as after two hours we still were in Tallinn,
and had driven 190 km...
Maybe we should have taken a bus?

We stopped because of nesting white storks...

Because of white and yellow anemones...

Because of liverworts...

We ate ridiculous inexpensive meal in Ikla, Estonia,
close to border of Latvia.

And finally drove over the border.

To be continue...

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