March 6, 2015

What to do on holiday?

I love to spend time at home.
On my holidays, too.
Having time to take photos of squirrels...
Can you find it?

Yesterday,when our internet connection was down,
I had plenty of time to organize our walk-in-closet.
I started with linen
- they are easiest.

They will stay where they are,
no way I would move them in any other place.
With anything else there is a tiny risk,
that I get ideas to put them somewhere else
- and of course bring something else from somewhere in...

I have bought these wired baskets years ago,
when I got tired to look piles of clothes hanging on the edge.
Now, when the other member of this marriage will turn everything upside down,
I don't need to see the mess every time I open the closet door.
I still dream he would put things back on their places
and stop yelling "where is...?"
- and so I put labels on (his) baskets.

A step back...

Turn around...

Looking up...

I read once on horoscope,
that decent spring cleaning is compared as a month holiday for scorpion.
Could it be true?

Blackbirds are hanging around.


  1. Oli pakko klikata suuremmaksi että sain varmistuksen koska se on aika hyvässä jemmassa :D

    1. Juu, harvinainen vieras ylipäätään täälllä meidän tontilla, kaikenlaista isompaa kyllä poikkeilee, niin kuin esimerkiks hirviä. JA koska on niin vietävän pieni ja vikkelä, niin enhän minä mukaan ehtinyt :-)