November 10, 2014

Gold paint

As I want gold at home now,
I have to find things that are gold
- naturally.
I don't have many,
and there is no way I could
- or would, either - 
buy all.
My cabinets are full enough, thank you.
So I used what I have
- paint.

Few years ago I bought some decor from Ikea.

It looked good in pictures,
but not really at our home.
So I have few useless decor...
I like the shape of them.
For coloring I used water color and gouache.
They won't be permanent
- so at least it will be easy to get rid off,
if I want them black again.
I didn't have any special plan,
just put paint around.

I also painted some cones:
Spray paint could work better,
but I hadn't any.
Gold paint is hardly seen on thuja cones,
so cannot call this great success.
But white paint looks nice on alder cones.
Too bad there wasn't more of them.

Suitable craft for person like me.


  1. Replies
    1. Mullehan sopii kaikkinainen lasten askartelu - jostain syystä ei paljon kummempaa tarvitse yrittää. Sinällään outo juttu, koska maalatessa jaksan kyllä tehdä yhtä kohtaa vaikka viikkokaupalla, mutta askarrellessa menee välittömästi kuppi nurin :-D