October 11, 2014


I got this flaptop from my daughter about two years ago.
I decided then,
I will keep my files in order.
Did I?
Sort of...

For some reason I do have problems to find photos...

My laptop isn't the only thing in mess around here.
My garden is in mess.
Leaves, rotting apples, garden plot full of weeds,
dying flowers...just name it.
Marigolds keeps on blooming
and delights me.

I also have mess in the house.
Not to mention cabinets.

We have two small rooms.
They both looks like stocks.
Now, when Pepi is back home after two months visit,
I try to figure,
what to do with them.
I admit:
I am desperate.
I have no ideas.
I need help, please.

In guest room I lugged bed around the room
- and finally put it back to corner.
I took table from living room and add it in.
Need to move it a little left.
But have to move shelf first...

And the other room.
Filled with books,
I'd love to have cosy library,
but can't figure out, how.

We have toys around living room.
I made apple cake with boys.
They licked tools:

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