September 12, 2014

My turquoise bathroom

Today I supposed to -and should- 
do ironing, laundry, dishes...
prepare jars for apple jam, pick apples...
but I didn't.
Instead all of that I turned my bathroom in turquoise.

Since we had the new shower cabin,
I have felt it need some refresh all over.
This time I even made shopping
- just because I wanted turquoise,
which I never had earlier.
I made first shopping during our weekend in Tabasalu
and some on our way to Iisalmi
They all spent sometime in bags waiting
and I am so happy,
that I decided to skip everything else today.

When stepping in,this is the sight now:

On right there is laundry machine,
and on it the bottles filled with softener:

The blue basket is from Estonia. It is plastic.
In the big jar is normal foot bath salt.

Next there is some candles and plate,
from Estonia, too,
back dotted glass from Ikea
-trash bags in it.

On the left side of sink some soap 
and accessories.
Bowl and plate are both from Estonia,
nailbrush from Tigers
- if I remember right it was around last christmas, 
when I bought it:

On the shelves there are towels,
in the baskets extra toilet papers.
Under spice rack I hang three tea light lanters,
I bought from sale earlier
and up to shelf two more tea light cups from Estonia.
Up high dried peppermint and my old doll:

And finally I hanged old thing.
This is something between mobile and angel bell:

On the floor there is a towel from Ikea
- I haven't found bathroom rug in reasonable price,
and suitable for floor heating.
Oh, and the knob!
I bought a pair for curtain rod front of junk corner behind the bathroom,
but unfortunately they didn't fit.
The rod was too long and I have to wait until hubby will cut it.
So I screwed it in to old hole left from soap dish above the sink.

New curtain from Ikea:

I haven't find a new holder for shower supplies yet
- the one I have liked,
had been way too expensive to be soaked in water.
So I settle to a soap dish:

When stepping out from shower,
sight is this:
The cost of all of this - 
 less than 100 euros.
I think it was a bit too much, anyway.

And by the way,
I had a lot of help from little princess Aleksandra.

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