August 22, 2014

A bowl full of apples

I am having a flu.
So I am using it as excuse not to do any hard work.
I have been able to walk 
- just a bit -
around the garden.
Even though it has to admit,
that fall is right to next corner,
there is still some life.
Like rose:

I enjoyed a lot looking for,
what is going on there.
Rain hasn't ruined all the aconites:

or ringflowers:

Not to mention asters:

Thujas are blooming:
and even clematis is starting over again:

Apples are getting ready:

I am still learning how to use my camera,
but found out today funny thing.
Doesn't this look romantic:

Well, this is reality:

Rokkari had courage to get in finally today after running away :
Pepi was out.

I picked up the bowl full of apples.

They looked bigger in the tree.

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