March 16, 2014


I did some sowing today.
Just a few - it is way too early to do much.
I tried to be organized, so first I gathered things together.
Seeds and pots:

More pots, old tray for Easter grass 
- and of course my new wooden box:

And pots, which has spent winter out - had to be washed:

Around the sink there came soon crowded.
Specially when I got idea, that first I will change soil to old plants.
Newspaper in to sink and here we go:

Because I had forgot to water other plants, they were dry.
Really dry.
I just watered them and will see, if they manage alive...

Anyway, I had seeds of peonies.
They have spent a while in fridge
and few hours in water:

So I started with them.
After that I put under soil some Broom and Creeper:

And few beans.
When I had splattered soil allover 
and left dirty fingerprints all over the house 
I moved to vegetable cress and Easter grass 
- both are nice that they don't need any soil, paper is enough.
So paper in the cop and tray:

And seeds on:

I guess the grass is grown and gone before Easter.

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