February 9, 2014

Small walnut tarts

Last week it was Runeberg day. 
It is told, that he was fan of tarts his wife made using breadcrumbs.
I made tarts basing vaguely to recipe of Runeberg tarts. 
Probably because I had walnuts. 
And those have to get used.
First I crashed 1 dl walnuts:

Then I mixed them into bowl with
1 dl  powdered breadcrumbs
1 dl flour
1 ts vanilla and
1 ts baking powder.

In the other bowl I mixed and froth
1 dl melted margarin
1 dl sugar and
1 egg

All dry ingredients was mixed to grease-sugar-egg mix 
and that's it.
Ready for oven:

After baking 20 mins in 200 C they were ready:

I almost forgot moisten them!
1 dl juice made them damp enough.
Then, on the top some apricot jam and icing
(1 tbs lemon juice and
3 tbs powdered sugar)
- and walnut, of course - 
and sweet bomb is ready:

There is still plenty of walnuts, what can I do with them?

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